Trips Trumps Trance–Psychedelia Grounds the Soul, but Moves the Body and Mind

There is nothing like losing yourself in music and one of the best forms of music to lose yourself in is psychedelic. I guess people knew that when I was still in single digits, but profundity seems as circular as any fashion or cultural trend, and circularity or spirality seems particularly apropos when it comes to psych. Last week I had the privilege of being in the smallest audience I have ever seen at the Empty Bottle (unfortunately) for two awesome psych/garage bands–The Asteroid #4 of Philadelphia and Secret Colours of Chicago. The Asteroid #4 is, in 11 characters, mindblowing. Swirling, circling, repetitive and reaffirming guitars, ethereal vocals, the whole experience is atmospheric and enthralling. Reference points for me vary from a more powerful The Moody Blues and The Byrds to
REM to a less droning and more accessible Black Angels or The Warlocks.   But the key point is that they transport you to another place without any mind altering substance, just layered shoegazing happiness.   Though live they definitely have a trippier and thicker palate, I recommend Hail to the Clear Figurines (their new one) or An Amazing Dream, until you get to see them live.

The Secret Colours have a lot of fun while playing either slow or fast garage and psych.  I am looking forward to seeing them again.  I would check them out at the ,Chicago green fest on June 25 even though it is  street festival.

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